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The Culture of Beauty and You

Posted on: July 4, 2010

             Over the weekend, I came across an alarming book
             that I think is a must read for all adolescent girls 
             and boys. It is called In Your Face: The Culture of 
             Beauty and You, by Shari Graydon. 
             Her story is alarming yet sadly true. Her main theme
             is that from bedtime fairy tales (which are read to
             kids when they are very young) to blockbuster movies
             to magazine advertisements and reality television,
             we absorb the lesson early and often: beauty rules.
             What’s more, the publicity machine of modern business
             has never before delivered so many messages 
             glorifying the benefits of being beautiful. For teens 
             this message can be very devastating. It can mean 
             that fitting in and measuring up to other women  
             who are beautiful becomes an overpowering force.
             This really alarmed me enough to want to write about
             this for this week her in my blog. Graydon’s overall
             message is positive, and I will end with that positive
             message here as well. She argues that every day, in
             dozens of small ways, each of us can choose what
             messages are right for us. We don’t have to buy 
             into the media messages of one type of beauty.
             For the media, skinny and beautiful are synonymous.
             That, of course, presupposes that if you aren’t
             skinny, you can never be beautiful, and that is
             really wrongheaded. If I achieve one thing in
             these blogs for you girls it is to reinforce the
             wonderful, just as you are. And NO you don’t
             have to be skinny to be beautiful. In fact,
             there is nothing really beautiful about a
             body that is so skeletal that the
             adolescent looks unhealthy.
             So, hop aboard and visit often this week
             in order to get some appreciation about
             how beauty is in the eyes of the
             ~ Irene


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