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Beauty in the Media?

Posted on: July 6, 2010

           It is important for all of us to become aware where
           the media message are coming from and what they
           From picture books to movies, from myths to video
           games, the stories passed down from one generation
           to another and retold in ever evolving ways shape
           our views about beauty. There are several themes
           that have been passed on through the ages.
                1.  Even if you’re not an ogre or a beast,
                inner beauty, warmth, intelligence, generosity,
                a sense of humour, and so on–are important
                things to have. They help you attract friends
                and get what you want in the world.
                2. It’s normal to be envious because almost
                everyone feels it at one time or another.
                Vindictiveness, however, as demonstrated by
                the evil characters in fairy tales, is a
                turn off.
                3. If you’re female, its best not to count
                on being rescued by a prince because:
                (a) he may not show up;

                (b) who’s to say you’ll hang   
                    around with him or go where he
                    wants to take you when he does.
           4.  Have enough smarts to slay the dragon yourself.   
               This lets you make choices, as opposed to
               sitting around and hoping to ‘be chosen’.
           5.  Self-confidence is good; self-infatuation is
               to be avoided at all costs.
           It is important for girls to realize that books shows
           girls how they should and should not act, and beauty
           doesn’t always rule.
          ~ Irene


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