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Does Beauty Always Rule?

Posted on: July 6, 2010

           Many may think that it is all in our heads. Beauty
           doesn’t rule and the normally beautiful women and
           girls still get first priority.
           However, to say this is to dismiss everything that the
           media is telling us. And maybe that’s a good thing in
           the long run. However, in the short run, it is also
           important for females to realize, especially adolescent
           girls, that the world can be very cruel to girls who
           are anything but the Barbie-type.
           It is not just in our fantasies that beauty rules.
           Girls blessed with knock-’em-dead good looks are
           much more likely than everyone else to fall into fame
           and fortune. Just turn on your television or scan a
           few magazine covers, and you will be amazed to see
           anything but the most attractive people.
           Every day, in a thousand ways, we are reminded of
           how much easier the world seems to be for people
           blessed with the right hair, face and body parts.
           You can’t help wondering whether your own life would
           be that much better if the reflection looking back
           at you from the mirror every morning was a bit more
           like Jennifer Lopez.
           Yet, ideas of what is beautiful change all the time.
           Your closet probably has evidence of the fact that
           fashion is awfully fickle. What’s considered cool and
           desirable one month can be ‘so over’ the next. And not
           everyone has the same tastes either. Not here in North
           America, and certainly not in other parts of the world.
           Do you ever ask yourself why? Why then, and not
           now? Why there, and not here? Why that look and not
           this one?
           Even though the standards of beauty have changed 
          over  time and across cultures, its pretty clear that the
           desire to look hot is hardwired into human nature. But
           should that be the be all and end of for our existence?
           Should we be so preoccupied about our appearance
           that nothing that is substantive carries any weight?
           Well, the media hopes that we will all do that. But that
           is so damaging to our self-esteem that we have to look
           past these images of beauty in order to save ourselves
           from a life of torture and discontent.

           ~ Irene


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