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Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

Posted on: July 7, 2010

             There are more than six billion people in the
             world, and only a couple of dozen of them are
             super models. Their faces and bodies are
             promoted as the height of desirability to
             which we should all aspire.
             Realistically, most of us won’t even come close.
             And yet, every day we can open up a newspaper in
             our hometown and find wedding announcements.
             Or walk down the street and see couples holding
             hands, pushing baby carriages, or just
             hanging out.
             Very few of these people measure up to the
             images of perfect-looking women and men like
             the ones that you see in the media.  But there
             it is: irrefutable evidence that you don’t have
             to be a super model or even fabulous-looking
             for other people to find you attractive.
             Ordinary boys and girls who have big thighs or
             thin lips, frizzy hair or small eyes, shoulders
             or a big butt, the occasional zit or a bump on the
             nose, find people who think they’re beautiful. This
             is because all sorts of things beside skin tone,
             muscle mass and body shape influence whether or
             not people thing someone is good looking. Their
             beauty is reflected in their inner beauty
             such as their intelligence, confidence, sense 
             of humour or, personal style.
             So, beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t
             worry about being overly slim, beautiful or have
             the perfect face. You are beautiful just as you
             are. Celebrate yourself and be glad!
             ~ Irene


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