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The Double Standard

Posted on: July 12, 2010

           Is the double standard on its way out? Sometimes,
           it may seem that way, except for the fact that girls
           have to live up to a kind of perfection that guys
           aren’t expected of them. And this usually breeds a
           recipe for disaster.
           Some psychologists are hoping to eliminate not just the
           double standard but all standards that are based on
           a lack of reality. Then the pressure would be eliminated
           or at least minimized. But is this even a possibility,
           given our culture and climate for girls and women?
           In this age of media saturation, it’s hard to imagine
           that this will occur. Whether we’re talking body-
           builder-types promoting beer, or skinny thighs flogging
           anti-cellulite cream, images everywhere are deliberately
           designed to distort our perceptions of human ideals
           in order to sell us a whole bunch of products.
           I believe that as long as there’s money to be made off
           people’s personal insecurities, advertisers will plant
           the seeds of doubt and offering a store-bought solution
           to our difficulties. As long as the consumer lacks the
           assurance that she needs to avoid media messages, 
           there will be companies lining up to try to
            persuade us, whether we’re female or male.
           So, before you are tempted to buy a product, realize
           you are buying into the double-standard of beauty and
           are eroding your self-esteem and self-confidence.
           Before buying a product, take the time to take stock
           when you are confronted with the possibility of having
           some weakness erased by a product. It is important for
           all of us to remember a product cannot eliminate any
           weaknesses. At most, it can create a placebo effect for
           us to buy more and more products because they 
          make us  feel temporarily good about ourselves.

           ~ Irene


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