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Guest Blogger/Margo Dill

Posted on: July 14, 2010

           Focus on the Good Stuff
           By Margo L. Dill
           Guest Blogger
           I am tall. Very tall for a woman over six feet. When I
           was a young teen, I was taller than everybody boys
           and girls   in my class and I hated it. My clothes never
           seemed to fit right, especially pants, and I towered
           over everyone in photos. Not to mention in sixth 
           grade, I had braces and huge glasses, and I was just 
           awkward. I didn’t have a very good self-image. I 
           wanted to be petite and wear the best clothes from 
           the most expensive stores, and I wanted to have 
           long, straight hair (mine’s naturally curly). Where did 
           I get these ideals? From the popular girls in school 
           the ones getting all the dates? From the teen magazines 
          I read?  From the shows I watched on TV? Yes, yes, and yes.
           Now, I’m older and I can look back and see that
           although I was awkward and tall, I had a great life.
           I had terrific friends who loved hanging out with me.
           I starred in our fall and spring productions, and I
           played on the basketball team. My parents took me on
           vacations and let me hang out on the weekends with
           my friends I had a car in high school. I had a few
           dates although I admit my dating life didn’t take
           off until I graduated from high school, and
           boys didn’t care anymore if I was taller than them.
           If you feel awkward or unhappy with you physical
           body, believe me you are not alone. Even the girl
           that you idolize   whether she’s a superstar or the
           girl you sit next to in math class doesn’t like
           something about her body or her hair or her clothes.
           It’s just the way we are wired as we go through
           our teen years. But try to concentrate on things
           that you do like about your life and yourself
           things you can control.
           What do you enjoy doing? Which friends do you like
           hanging out with? What books or movies do you like
           watching? What about your family? What’s fun about
           them? What do you like doing with them?
           Instead of focussing on trying to get the perfect
           hairstyle, outfit, or body think about the things
           that you have going on in your life that are good,
           that you enjoy, and that will right away put a 
           smile on your face. And frankly, smiles are 
           beautiful and one thing you can definitely
           control about your appearance. 

           Margo L. Dill runs a blog about women and girls
           around the world as well as reviewing books for
           children and teens. Visit her blog to learn more


2 Responses to "Guest Blogger/Margo Dill"

Hey, Margo – and Irene,

Gosh. When I was in high school (back in the dinosaur days), all the magazines started featuring ads and articles with TALL, stick thin models. There was just NO way I could EVER look like any of those girls.

I think we get our idea of “beauty” from what’s popular at the moment in magazines, in movies and on tv. And I think today’s media is getting better at showing us that beauty comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Yipee!

Hi Suzanne,

You are so right. And I think that things are really improving for girls. I think that they need more messages that normalize the ‘normal’ and not normalize the super slim. And progress is indeed being made. I could see this by the books that are being published for girls. I hope to get into this area of writing myself.

Thank you so much for visiting and please visit again!


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