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Guest Blogger/Evelyn Brooks

Posted on: July 16, 2010

           Hi, I’m Evelyn Roberts Brooks from
  and I’m glad
           to be here at my friend
           Irene’s place as her guest blogger.
           Today, I want to talk to you a bit
           about how to be happy no matter
           what is going on in your life.
           Have you ever heard the acronym “HALT”?
           It stands for Hungry… Angry…
           Lonely… Tired.
           Whenever you sense you’re not at your
           best (or if your BFF keeps asking what
           the heck is wrong with you today), quickly
           ask yourself these four questions:
           “Am I hungry? Or angry right now?
           Am I feeling lonely or tired?”
           If you answer “yes” to any or all 
           of the questions, it’s a quick signal
           that you need to slow down and correct
           the situation before you get into
           trouble. For some girls, trouble could
           mean talking back to a parent or teacher
           because you’re out of sorts. Maybe you
           stayed up late cramming for a test and your
           boyfriend asks if you want to go out this
           weekend but instead of answering politely,
           you snap at him, as if he should know
           your mood at all times. Or it could mean
           grabbing the wrong kind of food because
           you skipped lunch and now you pig out
           on fries and a milk shake after school.
           The more you get in the habit of being
           aware of how you feel, the more easily
           you can get back on track and cope with
           life even when it throws a curve ball
           now and then.
           Take good care of yourself you deserve
           a life of happiness!
           Evelyn Brooks
           P.S. You can learn more tips on how
           to be happy and stress-
           free in my Amazon bestselling
           stress management book,
           “Forget Your Troubles:
            Enjoy Your Life Today.”


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