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Is Your Packaging all Important?

Posted on: July 20, 2010

           Are images of what we should look like in order
           be accepted and respected all that count? Is there
           anything else as important as our reflections
           of ourselves?
           Our personal reflections of ourselves carry most
           weight. They have very little to do with others
           think of us, and everything to do with how we
           think of ourselves.
           Here are a few facts to consider in order to ground
           yourself into the reality that appearances
           aren’t everything.
           1.Perceptions aren’t reality. What we are on the
             outside is only one part of who we are as
             a person.
           2.Treat everyone as if they are beautiful,
             regardless of whether they are beautiful
             based on their outside appearance.
           3.Everyone IS beautiful because they are
             unique beings made in the image of God.
             And God doesn’t make junk.
           4.How you approach your life has a greater
             impact on where it takes you than
             what you look like.
           5.Act confidently, and you will be
             considered beautiful.
           6. Act passionately, and you will be
              considered self-assertive
              and that IS beautiful.
           7. Don’t put yourself down or allow
              others to put you down, regardless
              of the circumstances, and you will
              be considered beautiful.
           Follow these tips and see your beauty
           potent grow. Enjoy, take a breather,
           and don’t forget that appearances are
           only that…..appearances.
           ~ Irene


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