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Beauty Has a Dark Side

Posted on: July 22, 2010

           Do beautiful girls have it all? Are they happier than
           others? Are they more confident? Are they more
           assertive? Are they more successful?
           Not necessarily. Sometimes, beautiful girls feel
           much more vulnerable and afraid than normally
           beautiful girls. How can that be the case, you ask.
           There’s nothing to stop girls who are beautiful
           from manipulating others or giving in to risky
           temptations in order to them into trouble.
           This can really be devastating to the
           adolescent girls, and it can even be
           dangerous sometimes.
           Other times, beautiful girls will do anything
           to be beautiful, including starve themselves,
           undergo breast enhancements, hip and tummy tucks
           and so on. All of these surgeries are very
           dangerous for girls and should be avoided
           at all costs.
           Still other times, girls starve themselves to be slim,
           because they feel that slim is beautiful. That is what
           popular media keeps telling us. But is the price worth
           the acceptance that comes along with being slim?
           Should you risk getting sick or dying, just
           to be slim (and beautiful in our culture’s eyes)?
           I hope you answered ‘no’. I feel that girls
           should take care of their health and their
           happiness first and foremost.Because if
           they don’t, it really doesn’t matter how
           slim they are. Slim isn’t always beautiful.
           Beauty isn’t only captured on the outside but
           also on the inside. Concentrate on the inside
           and the outside will take care of itself.

           ~ Irene


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