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What is Spirituality? Guest Blogger

Posted on: July 23, 2010

            What is Spirituality
            Jenn Fisher Book’s Blog
            July 23rd, 2010
            What is spirituality? To a teenager, spirituality
            might be going to church, being in a youth group,
            or attending a religious school. What about
            a definition of spirituality that includes being
            kind to a classmate, participating in a charity
            fundraiser, or volunteering their time?
            The truth is, there are as many different
            definitions of spirituality as there are people.            
            Kind of like the definition of God. More about
            that later. To get an understanding of
            spirituality and adolescents, you can ask
            yourself many questions. For example, is
            going to church each Sunday, yet gossiping
            about your friends at school on Monday,
            just fine? What if you have never set foot
            inside a church, never prayed before,
            but once a week you volunteer to help
            your elderly neighbor because she is
            alone, has no family, and is lonely?
            Is that spirituality?

            Most teenagers are not posting their
            feelings about spiritual issues on
            their Facebook pages, and it’s not
            a hot topic for a magazine. That
            doesn’t mean spirituality is not
            important to adolescents.
            Teenagers are smart. They can
            tell if someone is living a life
            filled with positive character or not.
            Just open your eyes and look around,
            they’d say. It is not hard to figure
            out what a person is all about.
            Or is it? Can a person have more
            than one aspect of their personality?
            The side they show the outside
            world and the side they show those
            close to them?

            These answers are very personal,
            and vary with each individual. So
            much so that the details can only
            really be known to you, and God.
            What if I don’t have a relationship
            with God, you ask? Impossible!
            God is always connected to you.
            He is the small voice that warms
            your heart. The feeling that guides
            you to know, “this is wrong.” The joy
            and love your feel when you do
            something great. So what does this
            all have to do with spirituality?
            The answer is, it’s up to you.
            I can”t give you a definition.
            But God can. Just listen.
            Jenn Fisher Books
            Guest Blogger

            Mother, Wife, Teacher, Writer, Happy Camper.
            My writing began in high school,
            when a teacher pulled me aside and
            said, “This is really good.
            Did you ever think about a
            career in writing?” I balked.
            Twenty years later, I reconsidered.



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