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Giving you a Head’s up

Posted on: July 25, 2010

             I want to make an announcement. In August,
             I’m going to change a few things about my
             blog. This will help you, the reader,
             anticipate a bit about what I will be blogging
             about, and stop by for more information.
             Here is my themed-plan for the blog as of
             August 2nd:
                      Reflective Mondays
                      Thought-provoking Tuesdays
                      Self-assured Wednesdays
                      Book Review Thursdays
                      Guest Blogger Fridays
             The topic of these themes are still works in
             progress. Put this is close to the way it will
             end up being. However, I will try to keep to
             the schedule for a few weeks to see how
             it goes.
             Next week, I will be taking a dry run at some
             of the themed topics.  I will have a guest
             blogger on Thursday and Friday.
             ~ Happy Reading, and remember you are
             GREAT just as you are!
             ~ Irene


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