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Reflective Mondays….

Posted on: July 27, 2010

              Topic: Gorgeous Girls Don’t Have it All…
              Irene S. Roth
              July 26th, 2010
              You must be shaking your head and saying, Are
              you kidding lady! The gorgeous absolutely have it
              made, hands down. They have all the luck and all
              all the boys. What exactly do you mean that
              gorgeous girls don’t have it all!
              Here is the shocker gorgeous girls have all of the
              problems and difficulties that you have, and in
              spades. Why in spades you ask? Well, because they
              feel entitled to have so much, and many times, they
              just have a lot of bad luck befall them.
              For instance, the cute Drew Barrymore thinks that
              her legs are like corgi, and Justin Timberlake suffers
              heartbreaks like all of us. These beautiful girls
              have the same problems as we all do. They all dislike
              different parts of their body and they all struggle
              with one thing or another. There are no short cuts for
              any of us.
              Here are another few reasons why the gorgeous
              may have as difficult a time as we do and struggle as
              we do.
              1.  What we believe to be glamorous from the
              outside isn’t always fulfilling from the inside.
              Some gorgeous girls are disconnected from who they
              are inside, and this over time can cause a lot of
              chaos and dislocation.
              2.  Gorgeous won’t be beautiful forever. We all get
              older and more pudgy over time. That doesn’t mean
              that we are no longer gorgeous. However, it does
              mean that we are no longer perfect.
              3.  The stress of keeping up appearances seems to
              be harder for girls whose relationships depend on
              their appearance, as the super gorgeous.
              So, celebrate who you are just as you are today.
              Don’t wish that you were anyone else than you are,
              because you are perfect JUST AS YOU ARE. 
              ~ Irene


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