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Posted on: July 29, 2010

              Being Beautiful… Is It Worth It?
              Jenn Fisher Books

              You may think that girl with the long flowing hair
              who sits in front of you in English class and laughs
              a lot has it all. You can’t imagine that she has
              insecurities like yours. Her body, her make up, her
              hair, everything is ALWAYS perfect! But maybe
              your eyes are playing tricks on you. Look, listen,
              and think. Take off the ‘beauty goggles’ that are
              confusing your judgment, and decide for yourself if
              she really has it all. Would you really give up who
              you are for what you think she has?

              1. Start by looking at her eating habits, are they
              healthy? Hopefully, yes. Since eating disorders
              are very prevalent, many girls suffer their misery.

              2. Examine her methods for achieving power. Do
              they include self-confidence, or are they
              manipulative and attempt to get other people
              to do things for her?

              3. How about her brain? The question isn’t, “Is she
              smart?” because many girls who are smart don’t act
              it. The question is, “Does she use her intelligence
              in public?” Will she stand up for her thoughts or
              defend her answers in class?

              So, what does this have to do with the process of
              being beautiful? Everything! Most girl will
              compromise their healthy eating, self-confidence,
              and intelligence just to appear to be beautiful. Why?
              It’s the game girls have learned to play in order to
              receive attention from their peers. Why is this a
              problem? Because it places their self worth in the
              hands of others. This causes trouble when those
              ‘others’ feel threatened by someone elses’ confidence
              and try to keep them down. What should you do?
              Don’t look to others for your self worth or beauty
              validation. Start by going back and asking
              YOURSELF the above three questions. Be honest,
              and then break the cycle. Then when you catch
              yourself daydreaming about that girl in front of
              you in English class, snap yourself out of it and
              tell her you thought her essay on the last test was
              clever and well written.
              Mother, Wife, Teacher, Writer, Happy Camper. My
              writing began in high school, when a teacher pulled
              me aside and said, “This is really good. Did you ever
              think about a career in writing?” I balked. Twenty
              years later, I reconsidered.

              My stories range from serious to sad, young to YA,
              silly to non-fiction. No single genre contains me. I’m
              still finding my voice. Or rather, my voice is finding

              Eleven years as an educator has also influenced my
              writing. I will hold my MS in Reading & Literacy in
              early 2011. In that program, I connect research in
              the field of literacy with students I teach. This
              training as a Literacy Teacher includes using
              leveled books, Reading Recovery, and Special
              Education texts. My goal is to bring research and
              best practice to my writing. Kids deserve the best.


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