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Posted on: July 30, 2010

              Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
              Guest Post
              By Margo L. Dill
              I’m sure you’ve heard this saying before,
              “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” and I’m
              here to tell you that it truly is. Take a minute
              just to think about yourself and your friends.
              Do you all find the same guys cute? Okay, well,
              everyone might think Taylor Lautner and
              Robert Pattison are cute, but I mean at school or
              church or work   wherever you talk to guys. I
              bet the answer to that question is NO! Not
              everyone is after the same guys because beauty
              is in the eye of the beholder. What makes one
              guy cute to you his dimples, the way he
              laughs, his choice of clothes, the jokes he tells-
              may not make him attractive to someone else.
              And that’s okay. The world would be a truly
              boring place if we didn’t have all have unique
              views and find different people attractive.
              But why do I point this out? Because the
              same is true for you! On Monday, Irene talked
              about gorgeous girls and how they have
              problems just like the rest of us average Janes.
              But just because you consider yourself an
              average Jane doesn’t mean your boyfriend or
              crush does. To him, you may be the most
              beautiful girl in the world he likes your curly
              hair, your freckles, and your long legs!
              You’ve probably heard this time and time
              again, but it’s so true; and you’ll realize it
              the more you interact with guys: what’s really
              important is how you act and how he acts. You
              can land the hottest guy in school, according to
              your friends; but if he treats you bad, then
              what’s the point? If you spend your time crying
              or always worrying if your hair looks okay or if
              your outfit is good enough, then you aren’t
              really enjoying being with him, right? Beauty is
              in the eye of the beholder because so much of
              beauty comes from personality, from the way
              someone makes you feel, and from the way
              someone treats you.
              Sure, all of us like to look good, love good
              hair days, and like shopping for cute, new
              outfits. Who would deny that? But remember,
              you don’t have to have perfect hair or be just-
              the-right height or anything else you think
              “gorgeous girls” have to be one of them. Be
              yourself, put a smile on your face, and go out
              there and get ’em!
              To read more from Margo L. Dill, visit her
              blog at:


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