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Posted on: August 2, 2010

              The Stress of Keeping Up Appearances
              Irene S. Roth
              Do you struggle to keep up appearances?
              Do you find that you have to difficult time to
              remain 125 pounds all the time? If you do,
              believe me, you’re not alone. We all feel that
              way from time to time. But adolescence is
              especially a time when we feel so vulnerable
              and uncertain of ourselves, and especially of
              our bodies.
              I know, for myself, keeping to a certain
              weight consistently is very difficult. I have
              to literally starve myself all the time, and
              that is no way to live. You can never eat that
              piece of cake that you would like or that big
              cheeseburger at your favourite burger
              restaurant. What a way to live!
              It is especially hard when you’re going out
              with friends to be yourself. You can’t
              possibly break down and have what you would
              like if all of your friends are also dieting, is
              it now? Even if you don’t want to be on a diet,
              you will have to keep up appearances. But is
              that authentic, after all?
              How can you enjoy your life if you can’t
              just enjoy yourself and let go of the stress
              of keeping up appearances once in a while? It
              is important that you enjoy life, and grab
              every positive experience that you can. And
              if that means having a piece of cheesecake, I
              say, go for it, even if that means that you
              won’t keep up appearances THIS time. And


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