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Posted on: August 3, 2010

               Journalling can help you to feel lighter
               Irene S. Roth
               There is nothing more relieving than journalling.
               It is an activity that is really praiseworthy and
               uplifting. But it can also help you to feel lighter
               and no carry your burdens.
               Journalling can help you to come terms with painful
               situations and to unload.  Journalling is much
               like unloading your suitcase, although the stuff
               you will be unloading in the case of journalling
               is even heavier than a load of clothes.
               Here are a few benefits of journalling:
                    1. Through the journaling process, you can
                    unload all of the toxic feelings and hurts
                    that you are carrying.
                    2. Journalling can help you to come to terms
                    with these feelings and make sense of them
                    3. Writing is a cleansing process. It can help
                    you feel better and you can be healthier as a
                    result because you won’t be as overwhelmed
                    by all of your toxic experiences. 
                    4. The journal is a safe place to write down
                    your feelings. That way, you don’t have to
                    talk to anyone. You could just share your
                    feelings in your journal.  You don’t have to
                    worry about hurting another person’s
                    feelings either.
                    5. Journalling can help you to objectify what
                    you are writing about so that it doesn’t hurt
                    as much anymore. By actually writing these
                    hurts down, you could de-personalize these
               So, buy yourself a journal and start writing in
               your journal every day. You will really feel so much


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