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Posted on: August 4, 2010

              “Do You Struggle with Shyness?
              Is Social Anxiety Holding You Back?”
              By Judy H. Wright

              Are you or someone you know…

              ·  Fearful of change
              ·  Insecure about setting boundaries?
              ·  Pessimistic and see the glass as half
              ·  Not able to communicate what you
                     really want from life?
              ·  More apt to please others more than be
                     true to yourself?
              ·  Forming toxic relationships that reflect
                     and increase your lack of self-worth?

              It is Possible to Change Your Life!

              Words, thoughts, and non-verbal expressions
              send a vibration into the universe and a message
              to the listener and bystanders. When we
              project a victim stance, vocabulary, or attitude,
              others perceive us in a negative manner and are
              repelled rather than drawn to us.”
              These techniques, ideas and methods will work
              for anyone, no matter what negative tapes and
              thoughts are clamoring in the “monkey mind”
              right now.
              Self- confident people inspire confidence in
              others; their bosses, their customers, their
              teachers or mentors, their teammates, their
              families and especially their friends. Learn
              if you are sub-consciously sabotaging efforts
              to make friends and influence people.
              Are You Shy or Anxious in Social Situations?

              You can find out step by step what you need to
              do to overcome the feeling of being shy.
              There are a vast number of ways that you can
              stop feeling shy all of the time and start
              enjoying your life. You can take these options
              one step at a time so that you gradually stop
              feeling shy and start feeling more confident in
              yourself, enjoying every aspect of your life.
              You can learn how to not be shy and start to
              become much more confident and outgoing
              with this book.
              If you have been looking for a way to get out
              of your shell and start to mingle with others
              without feeling a fear that grips your heart
              every time you have to talk to a stranger, this
              is the book for you. You can learn how to
              overcome shyness and start to be a person
              who enjoys meeting others – a factor that will
              help you with both your business and your
              personal life.

              Also Included…

              · Learn to assume leadership roles

              · Understand the hidden agendas in
                   conversations and avoid

              · Learn body language and facial

              · Discover how an even tone of voice
                   can change how a message is given
                   and received.

              · Learn to look at childhood pain with
                   an adult”s understanding. You may be
                   holding onto limiting beliefs that
                   were never true.

              · How to discipline with dignity and

              · Powerful methods of stating
                   acceptable and unacceptable behavior
                   to gain cooperation

              · The 3 most negative words in English
                   language and…

              · The 3 most positive words in English

              · How to be more confident in social

              · Learn the body language that tells
                   other people you want to be friends

              · You may be saying one thing with your
                   words, but a totally different
                   message is coming through with
                   posture, facial expression, tone of
                   voice and especially placement of

              · Learn how to communicate more
                   effectively on all levels.

              · A special section that includes over
                   101 words, phrases, and messages to
                   encourage positive action and


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