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Posted on: August 11, 2010

             Do you feel Overwhelmed by negative body
             There are times wen all of us feel overwhelmed by
             negative body image. It is almost like a terrible disease
             that we just can’t shake. Negative body image can
             infect every one of our experiences with negativity 
             and self-critical angst. And believe me, if you feel this 
             way, you’re not alone.
             Negative body image usually starts when we are
             very young. A close relative perhaps made a 
             comment that embarrassed you. Or, maybe we just
             felt unusually shy about different parts of our body.
             After all, adolescence is defined by being hypercritical
             of our bodies, whether it is for better or worse. And
             most times, it is for the worse.
             I can’t give you too many gems of wisdom on this
             topic because, like all of you, I also suffer from
             negative body image. I sometimes feel totally
             overwhelmed by how I look. Other times, I just
             put up with this or that about myself. I could 
             however offer one bit of wisdom about this topic.
             When you go through life feeling negative and
             critical about different parts of your body all the
             time, your life will be unnecessarily riddled with
             hardship and uncertainty. After all, if you think you’re
             ugly and fat all the time, think of the image you exude
             to others? And other people, even family members, 
             may pick up on this. Some of these individuals may 
             make you feel even, if you allow them to.
             So, the best remedy is to stand firm in yourself.
             Refrain from being overcritical. Accept yourself
             unconditionally. Always be positive about your body 
             and  how you look, because God doesn’t make junk.  
            And don’t  forget to smile!
             ~ Have a great day!
             ~ Irene


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