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Posted on: August 13, 2010

              Book Recommendation:  
              Hot X: Algebra Exposed

              Guest Post by Margo L. Dill
              Recently, I reviewed the book, Hot X: Algebra
by Danica McKellar (who used to be on The
              Wonder Boys
and The West Wing), and I loved it. Let
              me tell you why this is a great book for your
              bookshelf. Not only will it help you understand
              algebra and variables and even word problems, but
              it also gives you confidence and examples of smart
              girls and women who are successful today even if
              they once struggled with math!
              Her main themes are that it’s important to show
              the world whom you truly are, to tackle difficult
              subjects with courage, and to always be yourself!
              All of those topics rolled into one book might seem
              overwhelming when combined with math, but
              Danica does it well and uses real stories from girls
              like you!
              Take for example the one confessional section of
              Hot X. It’s all about those girls who act dumb, so
              that they can get a guy. Can you imagine acting
              dumb just so a guy will like you? Or, how about
              acting less smart than a guy that’s not so smart? Is
              this really a good idea? Well, my opinion is no, and
              it is shared with Danica, some actors she works
              with, Meghan age 13, Cheyenne age 14, and
              Shawnie age 16, whom all tell their ‘dumbing
              down’ stories in the book. As Shawnie says: “Take it
              from me don’t act dumb just to try and impress
              some guy! It’s not worth it!”
              Or, how about when we’re moody? Let’s fact
              it some days we’re in a bad mood, and we don’t
              even know why. Danica helps with this, too. She
              encourages us to take control of our feelings even
              when life isn’t fair. She suggests four mood zappers:
              feeling better with music, by giving back, by trying
              not to be judgmental, and through exercise. Then,
              she takes quotes from girls again like Victoria 14
              who said: “Looking at the big picture can usually
              cheer me up.”
              Along with the Twilight or Gossip Girl series, this
              can be another book for your bookshelf that can
              help with homework and self-esteem at the same
              To read more about Margo L. Dill and other
              books she recommends, visit her blog at:



Thanks for the opportunity, Irene! 🙂

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