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Posted on: August 16, 2010

              Letting your Personality Shine          
              What is beauty? Is it merely external beauty?
              Is it something that is measured only? Or, is it
              dependent on other things too?
              Beauty is defined in the dictionary as “the
              combination of all the qualities of a person that
              delight the senses and please the mind”.  So,
              why do we think and insist that it only has to
              do with outside appearance? Doesn’t it have a
              lot to do with our personality as well?
              Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that
              our culture is obsessed with external
              appearances of women and girls. We must look
              a certain way, and move a certain way in order
              to be accepted. But who says? Why should we
              really take that kind of assessment of us so
              Well, a lot of us are insecure in ourselves,
              and because of this we want to be accepted at
              all costs. We all want to belong. We all want
              people to like us. And we all want that special
              guy to look at us and get to know us. But is it
              really worth it?
              The costs are way too high for wanting to
              belong and be accepted. In the process of
              merely concentrating on our outside
              appearance, we lose a sense of who we
              authentically are, and this can have disastrous
              consequences for us later on. We want to
              develop who we are truly and authentically,
              and not what someone else wants us to be.
              The best way to be beautiful is to let your
              personality shine through in all of your actions
              and even through how you move and have
              your being. Make sure that who you truly are
              on the inside can be mirrored by how you act
              and behave. That, my friends, is true beauty.
              ~ Irene


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