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Posted on: August 19, 2010

              The World Has Curves
              Julia Savacool
              Rodale Publishing, 2009

              Well, dear adolescent girls, here is one book
              that will give you a new perspective on the
              ‘thin is in’ mentality.  I love the book because
              after reading the book, you will gain many new
              perspectives on body shape and weight.
              Adolescent girls are absolutely obsessed with
              achieving that ‘perfect’ body. But is there such
              a thing really?  Savacool presents an historical
              account of body image and how women
              throughout history have tried to do this and
              that to achieve the impossible. But what exactly
              is the culprit of this insecurity and disquietude?
              I would recommend that you try and get
              your hands on this book. It will give you a fresh
              perspective on a beaten up problem that is
              killing almost as many girls as violence in the
              streets. Adolescent girls need to get a grip. But
              perhaps the first step is for mothers to get a
              grip on what is true and meaningful so that
              they could teach their daughters to live self-
              actualized and authentic lives, where a number
              on the scale won’t damage their self-esteem!
              ~ Have a great Weekend!
              ~ Irene 


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