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Posted on: August 20, 2010

              Taking a Beauty Break?
              When girls or women talk about taking a beauty
              break, what does that mean? You can’t just stop
              taking care of your appearance, and leave your face
              in a jar by your bed, right?
              Taking a break from beauty means more than
              attending to your outward appearance. It also
              means placing your attention on other aspects of
              yourself and your personality. It means taking the
              focus off of how others see you, and concentrating
              instead on all of the other things that make you,
              you. These include your social life, spiritual life,
              school work, family, relationships with others and
              relationships with yourself.

              Starting with your social life, you may consider
              how you spend your time. Is it quality social time?
              Are you just going out to go somewhere, even if
              you don’t want to be there?

              How about your spiritual life? Do you give yourself
              to the people around you in unselfish ways?

              Looking at your school work, are you achieving
              academic goals that you have set?

              In terms of your family, are you making time for
              them, and using healthy boundaries?

              Evaluate your relationships. Are they life-giving?
              Do they make you feel good and uplifted?
              How about your self-care. Are you doing nice
              things for yourself like taking baths and enjoying
              your hobbies?

              Sometimes these other areas overlap into your
              beauty life, sometimes they undermine it. Seeking a
              healthy balance of your whole self, inside and out,
              means giving yourself a break from a demanding,
              regimented beauty life. The task of worrying about
              outward appearance can be overwhelming at times.
              Taking time for other aspects of who you are and
              what you are all about gives you perspective on
              beauty shortcomings that all of us have, and gives
              you the self esteem to let go of the need to be
              ‘beautiful’ all the time.
              ~ Jenn Fisher


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