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Posted on: August 25, 2010

              One of the Most Important Relationships?
              Mothers are very important to you and your
              development into a well-balanced and self-
              actualized adult. And yet, there are so many
              difficulties that can ensue between mothers and
              daughters during the teen years.
              This is so much an issue and a problem that I
              will devote Wisdom Wednesdays to this topic. I think
              that both mothers and daughters must get along.
              Yet, I know all too well, this is easier said than
              Most mothers and daughters get along quite well
              for the first ten to twelve years of their lives.
              However, once an adolescent girl starts maturing
              after age twelve, mothers tend to become a bit
              disillusioned with their daughters.
              All of a sudden, right out of the blue, and for no
              apparent reason, you wake up and you can’t even
              talk to your mother anymore about anything. And
              no matter what your mother says, it doesn’t seem to
              have the same love or concern about it. How can a
              relationship that is so important change so quickly?
              There is nothing heartbreaking as the realization
              that you and your mother are at odds with one
              another. I know how hard it can be. I still remember
              that particular time in my life. It was possibly the
              most devastating thing that happened to me other
              than perhaps having to split up with my first
              boyfriend a few years later.
              So, come back next Wednesday for more advice
              on how to cope when the most important
              relationship of your life goes sour. In the meantime,
              please be kind to yourself, even if your Mom
              doesn’t seem to be.
              ~ Irene 


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