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Posted on: September 1, 2010

              When Mothers and Daughters don’t Get Along
              Many times during your adolescent years, you will
              have a difficult time getting along with your Mom.
              You may wonder, Is it my fault?
              The answer to this question may surprise you. No, it
              isn’t your fault. Many times, our Moms just can’t face
              us when we start maturing. We start developing and
              getting mature. Then we start looking at boys and
              finding them attractive, and ultimately going out
              with them.
              During those years, your Mom may freak out to the
              point where no matter what you do, she seems to be
              unhappy with you at all times. What can you do when
              this happens? Can you do anything to help her and
              yourself too?
              The answer to this isn’t straightforward. It depends
              on the relationship that you and your mother before
              had before you became an adolescent. With me, that
              wasn’t possible because I had a formal relationship
              with my Mom before I got to be mature. My Mom 
              was used to telling me exactly what she wanted  
              to do, and I did it.
              Then one day, that was no longer what I wanted to
              do. I wanted to do other things. I wanted to have my
              own friends. I wanted to go out and do what other
              kids my own age were doing. My Mom didn’t take
              favourably to this and did everything she could to
              make sure that I didn’t go off and do these things.
              That’s when things got really dicey for me.
              Similar things may be happening in your life. If they
              are, don’t panic. Try to open lines of communication.
              It has been done by some adolescents. So, if you start
              early on, you may actually be able to be honest with
              Mom. Your Mom may even accept you. My mistake 
              was that I waited way too long to try and be honest 
              with Mom about how I felt. By the time I tried, my 
              Mom was totally closed off and wouldn’t budge.
              So, try and become open with your Mom as early as
              possible. The earlier you start being honest with her,
              the better.
              ~ Irene


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