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Posted on: September 6, 2010

              Let your Personality Shine Through
              Although adolescence can be a very
              uncertain time for you, you can be who
              God has made you without feeling like
              an underprivileged person.
              We are all made in the image of God. And
              because of this, we are who we are meant
              to be, no less and no more. Our personality
              define us, and we should celebrate that
              without thinking twice about it. We
              should simply acknowledge and celebrate.
              Do you let your personality shine through
              without hindrance? Do you allow your
              thoughts and actions to express who you
              truly are, or do you hide behind a veil of
              uncertainty? Do you allow others to influence
              your decisions? Do you allow others to put
              you down, and especially who you are?
              These are all difficult questions to answer.
              But I invite you to ponder them and to journal
              about them so that you could determine why
              you don’t allow your personality to shine
              through. Or perhaps there are situations that
              stifle your truest self-expression. Determine
              what these situations are, and try to express
              yourself in these situations.
              ~ Irene 


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