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Posted on: September 17, 2010







Feeling Overwhelmed?
              By Margo L. Dill
              School has started, and you are probably all
              wrapped up in homework, activities, friends,
              and family obligations. Fall is a busy time of
              year. The problem can be that we have too
              much to do I know! and this can cause a lot of
              stress. And sometimes, it can seem like we are
              doing activities or attending events because
              we’ve always done them or attended them not
              because we really still enjoy it. So, how can we
              decide if the things that are taking up our time
              are what we really love doing (well we have to
              do homework, regardless) or if we are stuck in
              a rut?
              Here are some questions that should help
              you manage your time better and spend your
              time doing activities you really enjoy.
                When I get ready to go to a certain place,
                   such as dance class or basketball practise,
                   am I looking forward to it? Do I think of
                   every excuse NOT to go? 
                How am I feeling when I am at the
                   activity? Does it bring me joy, positive
                   feelings, or good self-esteem? Or, am I
                   just miserable?
                 If I rate all the activities I am in on a scale
                   of 1 to 10, which ones get high ratings?
                   Which ones get low ratings?
                 Which activity would I choose if I could
                   choose one to stay in?
              Once you have answered these difficult but
              important questions, then take some time to
              write or think about the activities you are in.
              Which ones do you think you should maybe cut
              out, so you have more time to relax, do your
              homework, and hang out with your friends?
              Sometimes, it is hard to quit something
              you’ve done for years. When I was a freshman
              in high school, I was still taking dance lessons
              at the same studio where I had been since I was
              3 years old. The high school dance class didn’t
              start until 8:30 p.m. So, after school, I had
              basketball or play practice; and then I ate
              dinner, did my homework, and went to dance
              class two nights a week. I was exhausted, and I
              wasn’t enjoying dance anymore. I sat down
              with my parents and asked them if I could quit
              dance and explained my reasons why. They
              immediately agreed.
              It might not always be that easy you might
              have a commitment that you have to see
              through. But go ahead and talk to your parents
              or the people in charge of the activity you want
              to quit if you are feeling overwhelmed with
              your schedule. Explain your reasons and
              feelings. Most of the time, something can be
              worked out!
              To read more from Margo L, Dill and other
              books she recommends, visit her blog at:


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