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Posted on: September 27, 2010


               Although adolescence can be a very difficult
               time, you can be self-confident and self-
               assertive. You can show others that you feel
               okay just as you are, warts and all.
               One of the most important things that you
               can do for yourself is to accept yourself
               unconditionally. Once you do that, everything
               will fall into place. But this is probably one of
               the hardest things you will do for yourself.
               Part of growing up and getting mature is
               not allowing others to put you down and to get
               all of your self-acceptance and self-esteem from
               within. When you turn inward, you should feel
               good about yourself. Then, and only then, will
               you feel like you can conquer anything that
               you set your mind to.
               I was an adolescent who lacked self-
               confidence. I always looked to others for
               approval, until I met a very important person
               who actually really cared about me. She would
               tell me that it didn’t matter what people
               thought of me or her for that matter, we should
               still smile. And that one bit of encouragement
               changed my whole outlook on life. What was
               even more miraculous, I started loving myself
               just as I was.
               So try it! Smile. And smile it as if you really
               mean it. Do this for a while, and you will be
               impressed by the results.
               ~ Irene 


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