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Posted on: September 29, 2010

              What if Counselling Doesn’t help?
              There are times that mothers are so stubborn
              and close-minded that even counselling won’t
              help. What can you do then?
              Well, if your mom won’t be helped through
              counselling, I would suggest that you keep
              going to your counsellor and keep talking to
              her. It is important for you to have an outlet-
              A way of talking to someone about how you feel,
              in a secure and nonthreatening environment.
              That is a mistake that I made. I didn’t go to
              counselling. We did go for a few counselling
              sessions with my mom, but nothing changed.
              So, I quit too. And I didn’t have anyone to talk
              to whatsoever. Over time, that became a real
              hindrance to how I felt about myself and how I
              was able to cope.
              What I needed badly was a compassionate
              and objective third person to talk to openly
              about how I felt. I had no support whatsoever.
              i couldn’t have very many friends, since I
              couldn’t go out to parties or. So sooner rather
              than later, all of my friends moved on, and so
              did I.
              So, I urge all of you to keep going to
              counselling, even if your mom won’t have
              anything to do with it. It will make a huge
              difference in your life. And you will have the
              support that you need to cope with the
              separation of your mother.
              ~ Irene


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