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Posted on: October 11, 2010

              Acting As If you’re self-confident
              Some of us have a really weak self-confidence.
              We seem to allow others to really be mean and
              abusive towards us. And this can erode our self-
              confidence over time.
              This is especially the case when we are teenagers
              and when we feel unsure of ourselves. Adolescence
              is a very difficult time for us. I still remember my
              adolescence. I was very insecure and my confidence
              was in its developmental phases.
              It is so important to make sure that during those
              times that you don’t hang around kids who always
              tear you down.  Find friends who support you and
              who like you unconditionally. Any other friend
              isn’t a friend anyway. In fact, one of the very first
              ways that you could tell that you don’t have a well-
              developed self-confidence is when you put up with
              all kinds of abuse from others.
              One way that adolescents can get around a weak
              self-confidence is to act as if they have a healthy
              self-esteem. Here are a few things that you can do
              to show others that you do have an ample amount
              of self-confidence, even if you don’t:
                   Speak up when you’re infringed upon;
                   If someone abuses you once, NEVER be their
                   One abuse is enough for you to end a
                     friendship. Don’t stick around and think it
                     will get better, because it won’t.
                   Always treat yourself nicely, especially in
                     front of others.
                   Never call yourself stupid or silly in front of
                     others. In other words, never put yourself
                     down in front of others;
                   Always smile and hold your head up high.
                     That says more about your self-confidence
                     than anything else.
              Over time, following these steps can really help
              you to gain the self-confidence that you need to be a
              healthy and fulfilled individual. But most of all, it
              will show your peers and siblings that you mean

               ~ Irene


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