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Posted on: October 15, 2010

              What Does It Mean to Love Yourself?
              Guest Post By Margo L. Dil              

             You’ve probably heard from teachers and your
              parents that it’s important to love yourself.  But
              what does that mean? Does it mean you’re
              supposed to think you’re perfect? OR, brag to
              all your friends about how wonderful you are?
              Well, not exactly. What it means is that you
              accept yourself for who you are, you recognize
              your great qualities, and you treat yourself
              Accept Yourself for Who You Are
              If you’re tall, there’s no way you can get
              shorter. If you’re clumsy, it’s hard to become a
              graceful ballerina. If you have big feet but wish
              you had small, keep wishing. The point is there
              are some things about yourself that you just
              have to accept   some are physical and some
              are part of your personality. But these are all
              wonderful because they make up the unique
              person that is you. It is important to accept
              yourself   your physical traits and your
              personality traits   and embrace them. Use
              them to your advantage.
              If you’re tall, try out for the basketball team or
              be positive in a crowd   you can see over
              everybody! If you love science instead of sports,
              great – join a science club or maybe go to a
              science camp over the summer. Don’t force
              yourself to like something you don’t or get
              down on yourself because you like different
              activities that most other kids your age. Accept
              yourself for who you are. 
              Recognize Your Great Qualities
              We all have great qualities   some of us have
              curly, long hair or blue eyes. Some of us are
              friendly and out-going. Some of us are loyal
              friends to the end. Some of us can be trusted
              with the greatest responsibility while others are
              natural leaders. Every single one of us has
              different qualities and traits-make a list of
              yours, figure out which ones are your best, and
              celebrate these. Find activities and
              opportunities to put these outstanding qualities
              to use. 
              Treat Yourself Well
              This is the most important element to loving
              yourself treat yourself well. Take care of your
              body and your mind. Get enough sleep, drink
              enough water, and eat food that will give you
              energy.  Most of all, practice positive self-talk 
              not negative. Instead of saying things to
              yourself like, “How could you be so stupid?
              Why do you always do such embarrassing
              things? There’s no way he will ever like you!”
              Try positive self-talk like: “Great job on your
              speech today. Everyone was listening. That guy
              just checked me out, and he’s pretty cute.”
              Parents and other adults are right – it is
              important to love yourself.  Think about the
              three different ways mentioned here, and you’ll
              start to feel a lot better about yourself and your







To read more about Margo Dill, please check
              out her blog at:



This is a lovely post, Margo. I really enjoyed reading it, it’s something that applies to us all, and not only to teen girls. 🙂

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