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Life Saving for Self-Confidence

Posted on: November 29, 2010

              Your Daughter Can Be An Everyday Heroine!
              Guest Blog by: Dana Flannery
              Let’s face it it’s tough being a
              kid. If you look back on your own
              childhood, I bet there’s a memory
              or ten where you feel like you just
              didn’t belong. If your daughter is
              lacking in confidence, you can help
              steer her in the right direction
              through sport. But there’s sport
              and then there’s the opportunity to
              become a real life heroine! The
              Australian Surf Lifesavers have
              discovered the ultimate in self-
              esteem building for girls Junior
              Surf Life Saving-aka The Nippers.  
              The Australian Nippers is a
              junior life saving program that
              focuses on sports like surfing,
              swimming, and running while framing
              the activity in a first aid and
              life saving context. As nippers
              don’t compete in an actual game,
              there are no specific rules. But
              the lessons are many and
              meaningful. Nippers aim to maximize
              the child’s potential in a non-
              threatening, but still challenging,
              environment. Kids feel part of a
              team that allows them to feed off
              the energy and enthusiasm of the
              other nippers.
              The Nippers program is open to
              children aged 5 to 13 years old and
              aims to build confidence while
              being a fun way for girls to enjoy
              and learn about the dangers of the
              beach, water safety, first aid and
              physical endurance in a safe,
              supervised environment. 
              The benefits of kids’ involvement
              in sport are widely known, from
              physical health to easing the
              symptoms of depression and anxiety
                and what better place to embrace
              a more positive outlook than on the
              beech! The nippers help build
              coping, social and life saving
              skills, through their team-based
              philosophy that encompasses
              leadership, camaraderie, teamwork,
              and most of all, fun.
              Nippers provide skills and social
              development that will take them
              forward into their teenage and
              adult years, not to mention the new
              lifelong friends Mum and Dad can
              Although the exact Nippers
              Program is only available to
              Australian children, most countries
              have a similar or sister-program.
              Contact your nearest patrolled
              beach or local government authority
              to find an alternative program.
              Surf Life Saving is an ideal sport
              for girls as the lessons learned
              can turn them from awkward and
              struggling, into an everyday, real
              life heroine!
              Dana Flannery is a vocal
              supporter of self esteem building
              programs for girls, including the
              Nippers Program in Australia. She
              is passionate about working with
              families through her <a
    ”>Marriage Celebrant</a>


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