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Guest Blogger Arina Nikitina

Posted on: December 1, 2010

              7 Ways To Become A Good Friend
              By Arina Nikitina
              What a strange life it would be to be alone, without
              friends. It would mean all hours of the day spent on
              your own lonesome, without much to look forward
              to aside from work, sleep and more hours spent alone.
              It’s not just strange; it’s lonely as well, almost a life
              without meaningful fun.
              At this point how thankful you must be to have
              friends! There is no day I don’t openly or silently
              express gratitude for friendship, especially the
              ones I have kept for a long time. Among life’s nicest
              things to have, my friends would be on the top area
              of the list. But probably, it would be best to be
              someone’s friend as well.
              But what does it take to be called a friend? What are
              the ways to become a good friend and not just
              someone people know? After really serious thought,
              this list came to its final form. This is my own
              seven ways to become a good friend.
              1. Be accepting. While many people are judgmental,
              a good friend accepts the other without being critical.
              Tolerating the choices, views and even weirdness of
              your friends make you a pleasant company.
              With you around, your friends need not pretend or be
              uncomfortable and overly-conscious. The need to be
              accepted is every person’s need; to truly accept your
              friends for who they are leads to natural openness
              in the relationship.
              2. Be honest. It is still the best policy, no matter how
              the world has changed. Honesty isn’t only about
              telling the truth, it’s also about being true and being
              clear about such truths. But at the same time,
              such candor and frankness must also be coupled with
              tact. Remember, just because you need to speak the
              truth doesn’t mean you have to blurt it in a hurting,
              offensive way. Be honest but be nice.
              3. Be willing to listen. No one likes a person who
              wants to be the center of attention all the time.
              Friendships mean a healthy exchange of
              communication, and that means apart from your talk,
              you also need to listen. By listening, don’t just keep
              your mouth shut until its time to speak; hear out the
              thought, wisdom and meaning of what your friends
              have to say. This way, you fully understand their point.
              4. Be generous. Friends appreciate material gifts and
              find the more expensive ones really awesome. But
              more than presents and treats, a true friend is
              generous with their time. Find ways to give attention
              to friends who need you and to those who want to
              celebrate or just have coffee. For friendships to
              survive, the cycle of generosity must be nurtured and
              kept going.
              5. Be a positive presence. It’s not always fun, party
              and celebrations in friendships. There are losses,
              frustrations and painful moments in your friend’s life
              that cannot be helped. But your presence alone is
              powerful enough to help them cope. In your friends’
              struggle, be a good supporter; in their better
              moments, express your appreciation. Don’t just be
              another person in your friend’s life. Instead, be a
              happy force they would want to always have.
              6. Be fun, if not funny. You don’t need to have the
              stand-up comic abilities to be a good friend. But
              definitely, be someone who loves laughter. Don’t
              take life too seriously when you’re with friends
              because it dampens their mood as well. Instead, let
              loose and find the funny side to every situation.
              Learn to crack jokes and be ready to hear their funny
              tales as well. Let laughter ring through in your time
              with friends and you will surely strengthen your bond.
              7. Be a partner in new life explorations. Not all
              friends do the same stuff, have just one hobbies and
              share the same interests. If you’re up to it, spend time
              with your friend as you learn their sport or watch
              them perform on stage. For life-changing moments
              like a new career, engagements or parenthood,
              express your support as well. The best thing we could
              get out of friendships goes beyond moments,
              nice people and stuff we get from others. More often,
              it is the better person that we become because of the
              desire to be a good friend.
              Arina Nikitina is a blogger who shares practical goal
              setting, motivation, and productivity tips at


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