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Assert Yourself ..Even if you Feel Down

Posted on: January 19, 2011

It is difficult to feel like asserting
yourself when you feel down. However,
when you’re feeling this way, this is
exactly what the doctor would have

Many times, bullies will come and pounce
on you when you least expect it. And
bullies usually pounce on you especially
when you’re feeling down. They have a
sense of when you’re feeling down by
watching you incessantly and they pounce
on you then like a cat pounces on a mouse.

So, it is important that you not allow
bullies to have their way. When you’re
feeling down, spend some time all alone in
solitude. Make sure that you connect with
your inner core and remember that you
are okay no matter how you feel.

Celebrate yourself. If you feel down,
do nice things for yourself so that you
feel better about yourself. If you don’t
you may be faced by a double-faced
monster who will try to unravel you and
your self-esteem in the name of hostility
and their own masochistic tendencies.

Most importantly, when you are feeling
down, surround yourself with nice people
and positive feelings. That will work
wonders to help you through your tough

~ Irene


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