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New Book Review for Adolescent Girls

Posted on: March 2, 2011


       Skin Deep
       Sandra Diersch and Gerri London
       James Lorimer & Company, Ltd.
       Rating: 4 stars
       Reviewed by: Irene S. Roth
       Skin Deep is a sincere examination of a
       teenager’s struggle to come to terms with her
       mother’s mortality while struggling with her own
       ideas of beauty. It is a wonderfully transforming
       book about an adolescent girl, Cori, whose life
       gets turned upside down because of her mother’s
       sudden diagnosis of breast cancer.
       Before Cori became aware of her mother’s
       diagnosis, she had the same plans and ambitions
       as any other adolescent going into the summer
       holidays. Cori was looking forward to endless
       free days to do as she pleased, with no classes,
       homework or other responsibilities. She just
       wanted to spend more time with Romi, her best
       friend. However, none of this was going to
       Cori’s summer was anything by tranquil. She had
       to help her mother to cope with the surgery, and
       to remain strong during all of the difficult
       times. She had to help around the house after her
       mother’s surgery and treatments. Nothing was
       predictable. But the experience couldn’t come at
       a worse time for Cori.
       This novel is heartbreaking, yet inspirational
       at the same time. It shows how we could all
       survive difficult experiences and grow as a
       result. And sometimes, a negative experience such
       as this can actually help adolescent girls to
       learn more about breast cancer and that
       appearances are not the only mark of beauty.
       I would recommend this book to any adolescent
       girl who is already struggling with her own
       difficulties of beauty and self-acceptance. It is
       definitely an eye-opening book. 
        Irene S. Roth is a freelance writer for kids
       and teens. She has more than 200 published Ezine
       articles and 300 book reviews in different genres
       from adolescent and kids books to academic books.
       She is a reviewer for Stories for Children
       Magazine, Booksneeze, Tyndale Publishers, Voice
       in the Dark, and Humane Medicine Internationa.
       For more information about adolescent health,
       self-esteem and self-confidence, please visit her
       website at:


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