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With a myriad of downloadable applications available for the iPhone, what used to be out of reach is now at your fingertips, even when it comes to fashion. Whether it is locating which retailer carries your shoe brand, keeping up with the latest trends, getting fashion feedback, or keeping current on style blogs, more than likely there is an app for that. For the avid and stylish shopper, here is a list of mobile fashion downloads that are worth it and will make your life easier.

1. Stylebook ($3.99): This application allows you to place your existing wardrobe into a virtual closet. Once your closet is complete, you can categorize the clothing and use the tool to mix-and-match outfits, color coordinate, create packing lists, and much more.

2. Love It or Lose It ($1.99): Shopping solo can be difficult without your trusted feedback network to offer essential opinions. With this app, even when you are going it alone, you can upload a photo and send it to a base of fellow-users who will in turn, offer their experienced opinion on your item in question.

3. (free): Possessing this app is like having Fashion Week always at your fingertips. No more waiting for runway reviews to hit the internet. With, get photos within hours of fashion shows. You can always be hip on the latest trend with Style File blogs, show reviews, and video feeds.

4. Lucky at your Service Digital Concierge (free): Where better to find the latest and best shopping deals around but with Lucky, a magazine devoted entirely to shopping. With this fortuitous app you can highlight Lucky’s featured products, find them, get details, and even set them aside for same-day pick up.

5. Gucci (free): While this Gucci app features shopping musts such as exclusive video, fashion shows, news, events, Gucci collections, and store listings, it also includes Gucci Beats. This feature lets you mix your own tunes with their existing compilation and lists Gucci-recommended restaurants, clubs and bars internationally. Now you’ll know where to get your groove on.

6. Chictopia (free): Chictopia editors have put together an amazing Style Gallery along with hand-picked blogs for your perusal. Beware! This one can be addicting.

7. Trendstop Trend Tracker (free): With this handy fashion app you can track trend reports, tune into style news feeds and photo galleries, and follow fashion events at national and international venues. It’s a must-have if you want to stay on top of the latest trends.

8. Chicfeed (free): conglomerates the web’s top style and fashion blogs and photo galleries making it easier to stay current on what’s hot. This is a time saver offering a one-stop location for all your fashion needs.

Mobile fashion downloads make it easy to stay current. With the convenience of having style information readily available at your fingertips, along with a variety of shopping tools and toys, you will be hitting the clothing, shoe, and accessory departments with confidence and ease.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging about fashion for 3 years; she currently blogs about the best places online to find designer eyewear and car insurance


Hi there gals!

   Here are a few good books you could read for Valentine’s day. Now just take out that Latte and kick your feet back.

~ Happy Valentine’s Day
~ Irene

          When you treat yourself with love and respect, you
           choose your friends very carefully. For instance, you
           don’t allow your friends to be abusive towards you. Nor
           do you allow your friends to put you down or to
           manipulate you in any way.
           However, when you don’t have a sufficient amount of
           self-love and self-respect for yourselves, you tend to put
           up with a lot of abusive behaviour. This can damage your
           self-esteem even more, and this is especially the case if
           you put up with abuse for along time.
           Friends who aren’t kind to you aren’t really your
           friends, are they? Friends care about you and they want
           the best for you. However, they don’t want you to suffer
           or to feel out of place or put down. They want you to
           excel, and be happy and content with who you are and
           what you are.
           True friends celebrate your good news and are sorry
           when you have bad things happen to you. They love
           everything about you and celebrate you. True friends love
           to see you happy. This is when they excel.
           Fake friends, on the other hand, hate when good
           things happen to you. In fact, they celebrate when bad
           things happen to you. Such friends are resentful about
           everything that you are. Fake friends hate to see you
           happy and love to see you upset. This is when they excel.
           So, if you love yourself, you will make sure that you
           choose friends that will grace your life. Because fake
           friends don’t grace your life, but can destroy it over

            ~ Irene

Here’s a book that I suggest all of you read for yourselves.
Just sit back and enjoy….

My True Story of Fear, Anxiety,
and Social Phobia
Chelsea Rae Swiggett
Health Communications, Inc., 2010
ISBN: 978-0-7573-1527-5

Rae is a true story of an adolescent girl who
really struggles with different psycho-social
aspects of her life. She feels really uncertain
of herself and everyone around her, and is unable
to function socially. In addition, she is very
shy, and awkward when she is around adolescents
her own age.

Rae suffers from frequent panic attacks. For
instance, Rae panics when a plane flies overhead.
When she is called on in class to speak up or to
make a presentation, this sends her over the
edge. She fears the unknown, life, death, people,
and even fear itself.

By the time Rae reaches ninth grade, she feels
completely isolated, and convinced that everyone
is mocking her, judging her, and picking her
apart. What a painful way to live. No one can
keep living this way for too long without some
help and encouragement.

As I read this book, I started remembering how
awkward I felt when I was an adolescent, and how
difficult social interactions with my peers were
for me. I found the book absolutely entrancing.
The book is written in a style that adolescents
will understand and be able to relate to. After
reading this book, hopefully adolescent girls
will take steps not to fall into similar patterns
of destructive patterns and behaviours.

Rating: 5 Roses out of 5

Reviewed by Irene S. Roth

       By Skyla Dawn Cameron      River is a young adult werewolf novel with an interesting twist…
       River used to be the alpha female of her pack, that is, until one
       night a human bit her and she was transformed into a werewolf.
       Unable to trace her back to any relative, the authorities named her
       “River” and placed her with foster parents. Her foster parents
       aren’t so bad, but it’s very hard for River to fit in. She’s forever
       moody and temperamental, dreaming day and night of the day
       when she’ll be able to turn back into a wolf and be with her mate.
       Then, when she’s placed in high school, she meets Daryl. Daryl is
       not the typical teenager, to say the least, and he takes an unusual
       interest in River. But she resents his protection, sensing that there’s
       something not quite right about him… Why is he so interested in
       River? What is he hiding?

       On the other front is high school itself, where other students
       forever remind her of her uniqueness and her difference from
       “normal” people. She must put up with cruel name-calling and
       abusive behavior. Fortunately, River is not the kind of girl to sit
       down and resign herself, thus causing her share of trouble at

       Will River find a way to go back to her pack? Will she survive
       high school?
       I enjoyed reading River. It was an interesting story. What I liked
       most about it is the way the author crafted the protagonist. I feel
       that River, while not altogether sympathetic, stays true to her
       character and feels realistic in the context of the story. Even
       though she’s human, all the wilderness is inside of her, which is
       why she’s so moody and temperamental all the time. I like the
       way the author didn’t compromise the authenticity of the
       character to create a “lovable” werewolf heroine. That’s not to say
       that River is not likable at times    she is, but the reason lies in
       her genuineness. It was also refreshing to read a werewolf story
       were the wolf is bitten by a human, and not the other way around.
       River will be enjoyed by teen readers who love a good paranormal
       story. The high school angle will certainly be appreciated by this
       age group.

        –Award-winning author Mayra Calvani writes fiction and
        nonfiction for children and adults. In addition, she is co-editor of
        Voice in the Dark ezine and a reviewer for The New York Journal of
        Books, Blogcritics Magazine’s “Kiddie Corner,” and She’s had over 300 reviews, interviews,
        stories, and articles published in print and online. Mayra is a
        member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators
        (SCBWI) and the Children’s Writer’s Coaching Club. Visit her
        website at

In order for your peers to treat you in a loving
manner, you have to treat yourself in a loving way.

One way that you could do this is by acting as if you
love yourself unconditionally. If you love yourself, it will
show through your actions and if you keep asserting
these values, sooner or later your peers will get it.

There are many reasons for this. Each of us has a
code while we act. Through our actions, behaviours, and
body language, we show others quite clearly how we feel
about ourselves. For instance, if we are hard on
ourselves, talk negatively about ourselves, don’t care
about ourselves, our peers will know that we don’t care
about ourselves and, therefore, they can be mean to us
was well.

Here are a few ways you could ensure that you love
yourself unconditionally.

1. Don’t criticize yourself in front of others.

2. Don’t allow others to be mean to you.

3. Practise self-care, such as giving yourself five
minutes alone every once in a while. Or, go out for a walk
all alone. Your peers will be impressed by those kinds of

4. Never criticize your character traits or act as if
you hate yourself in front of your peers. This will
definitely give your peers the wrong idea about you.

Instead, walk with you head up high, smile, and be kind
to others. This will show that you like yourself enough to
do just that.

~ Irene

Irene Roth

Irene S. Roth, Freelance Writer for Teens, Tweens, and Kids

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