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Know that you are Okay…Just as you are!

Posted on: January 10, 2011

It may be difficult for us to accept ourselves just
as we are.

There are so many ways for you to criticize
yourself. You are never perfect. You are never slim
enough. You are never smart enough. You are never
quick enough. You are never obliging enough. And so

You are too shy. You are too quiet. You are too
outgoing. You are too aggressive. You talk too much.
You don’t talk enough. You just can’t get things
together fast enough.

We have all heard comments like this about
ourselves. But do we have to believe them?

It is important that regardless of what others
say about you, you think you are okay, just as you are
this very moment. That is where self-assertion
comes in.

So, today, practise loving yourself just as you are.
What a blessing that will be for you!

~ Irene


2 Responses to "Know that you are Okay…Just as you are!"

What a wonderful essay. Yes, practice loving yourself for just the way you are and try to remember when being yourself may be just what someone else needed to brighten their lives! If you feel the need, move on to also thinking about one of your talents or strengths that you would further like to develop. For example, you were a great little dancer as a child. That was real. So even if you feel stiff or awkward now, try a class suitable for your age and condition and watch the ‘real’ you begin to bloom again!

Hi There!

What a pleasure and honour to have you visit my blog! I am sure my readers will benefit from your expert advice on how to practise loving yourself.

I am in the middle of writing an E-book about empowerment for girls. It is such a labour of love and I so look forward to having you read it when it is completed. It will be available through this site in June of this year. Please come back and visit.

~ Irene

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