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Are you a clone?

Posted on: July 22, 2010

           Do you find yourself doing things that other girls are
           doing? Do you try to dress like others and try to
           fit in just please everyone else? Do you feel
           safest and least vulnerable when you look
           like your peers?
           If you do, you have a difficult time asserting your
           individuality. Yet, each of us are unique.
           No two of us are ever alike. So, what is this
           about trying to be like everyone else that
           makes us feel less vulnerable as girls?
           This topic is really an emotional one for me.
           Its not because I was ever a clone or tried to be.
           Any pic of me would say that I could NEVER
           fit into the mould of ‘perfect’ shape in
           adolescence. What I am upset about is
           that girls would think of themselves so little
           and have such low self-esteem that they
           would allow their true and genuine
           selves to be moulded into another
           person’s identity. How sad!
           Ever since I was young, I always wanted to
           stand out from the crowd. I always wanted
           to be different. I always wanted to look and
           exude different values than my peers. And
           some of my peers even appreciated that.
           I would much rather be with someone that
           is different than with someone who is trying
           to be a clone. Why do I say this?
           I say this because clones are adolescents
           who don’t think for themselves. They
           just find it easier to let other people do
           their thinking for them. Clones are followers
           par excellence.And followers are adolescents
           who don’t have the courage to do what they
           should in order to be themselves and to leave
           their own unique stamp on society. 
           Are you like this? If you tend to want to conform
           to the fashions that society projects and to do
           what others do, sit down and think about
           this blog and see if you can carve a unique
           identity for yourself. It is so worth it!
           ~ Irene


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